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Chloë Grace Moretz Says Older Men Would ‘Infantilize’ Her On Set

Chloë Grace Moretz is opening up about the sexism she faced as a teenager on set.
During a recent episode of the Reign with Josh Smith podcast, the 25-year-old star didn’t hold back while talking about how she was treated by people she worked with when she was a teen, specifically the older men.

“A big part of being the lead in a show or a movie is you kind of set the tone for the set,” Moretz said, noting that it was “always really interesting to see who would be really unhappy with a young woman” speaking her mind.
“And as I continued through having more important roles on set as I grew up, it was always very interesting to see the pushback that I would get from a lot of people,” the Kick-Ass actress continued. “The majority of it was older men, for sure, who would infantilize me. If I had real things to bring to the table, a lot of the time it would get shot down.”

Moretz then went on to say that while she had “a lot of moments” where she felt like an equal, she would often find herself in a “really wild power struggle and power dynamic of a young girl who had worked for already [over a decade] and was the lead of the movies but was still a kid in every sense of the word.”
“Having to even advocate to an older man on behalf of your 14, 15, 16-year-old self is a really, really crazy kind of mindfuck,” she said, adding that she “always had to be very sweet, and very kind of backfoot in the way I’d propose things.” But even so, Moretz believes these experiences taught her to be “strong” while advocating for herself and “propose questions in a way to make the ideas their ideas.”

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From xXx 4 to Fast and Furious 11, List of Upcoming Movies of Vin Diesel in 2024

Vin Diesel is one of the most famous Hollywood actors of this generation. The actor has gained huge fanbase with his fantastic acting and action skills from The Fast and Furious and xXx Franchise. Diesel, known for his deep voice, muscular frame, and tough-guy persona, has been in some of the most successful movies of all time, including the Fast and Furious franchise, the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, and the Riddick franchise. While many of his fans are enthusiastic about his next films, reports suggest that he has begun shooting for his upcoming movie XXX 4. Not only this, the actor has a number of exciting movies coming up in the next few years.
Let us have a look at his upcoming movies in 2024.

XXX 4The ‘xXx’ film franchise, starring Vin Diesel as “Xander Cage,” a reluctant spy for the National Security Agency, is one of the most successful movies in Hollywood. xXx was released in 2002, and it was followed by two sequels: xXx: State of the Union (2005) and xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017). The xXx film franchise has been a commercial success, generating more than $922 million globally. Audiences have also enjoyed the movie for its flawless action sequences, stunts, and youth-driven ensemble. The film was also the debut of Bollywood Actress Deepika Padukone. During the promotion for ‘XXX: Return Of Xander Cage,’ Vin Diesel hinted about the fourth installment, and it was then reported that the actor will begin production on ‘XXX 4’ after finishing ‘Fast & Furious 11’.
Fast & Furious 11Vin Diesel announced during the promotional campaign of ‘Fast & Furious X’ that ‘Fast & Furious 11’ will be released in April 2025. However, the ongoing writers and SAG-AFTRA strike may cause the release date of ‘Fast & Furious 11’ to be pushed back. The Fast and Furious franchise is one of the most successful film franchises of all time, generating more than $6 billion worldwide. The plot revolves around Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family, a gang of highly skilled drivers and criminals.

Riddick: FuryaRiddick: Furya is one of the most anticipated upcoming films of 2024, and it will surely please fans of the Riddick franchise and action films in general. The film is now under production, with a 2024 release date scheduled. David Twohy, who has worked on all three previous Riddick films, is writing and directing the picture. Twohy has described the film as a “return to the roots” of the franchise, promising that it will be darker and more brutal than previous movies. Vin Diesel plays Richard B. Riddick, a former mercenary, soldier, and pilot who became a criminal and murderer.
Ark: The Animated Series‘Ark: The animated Series’ is a new animation show based on the video game ‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ that will be released in 2023. Vin Diesel will play Santiago, a 24th-century independence warrior, and Mek pilot. Madeleine Madden will play Helena, a palaeontologist who has lost her wife, Victoria. Bob will be played by Karl Urban. The story will center on Helena, who awakens in the midst of a wide ocean and washes up on a mysterious island. She meets Bob and realises that he, too, came into this world in a similar way. They must work together to survive and discover a way to return to their home planet.

Bloodshot 2‘Bloodshot’ was released in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, which had a significant impact on its box office results. The movie stars Vin Diesel in the role of Ray Garrison, a soldier who was kidnapped, killed, and then brought back to life with superpowers. Now, the directors are planning for a sequel, and Vin Diesel is expected to return for Bloodshot 2.

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Angelina Jolie alludes to Brad Pitt divorce, admits family is still ‘finding our footing’ after split

Jolie says she took step back from Hollywood because her family had ‘healing’ to do
Angelina Jolie is seemingly speaking out about her divorce from Brad Pitt, admitting that she made a big change in her career seven years ago so she and her family could focus on “healing.”

Jolie and Pitt shocked fans when they announced their divorce in 2016, just two years after they finally tied the knot.
Now, while discussing her fashion house, Atelier Jolie, in a new interview with Vogue, the actress said, “Sometimes the way you dress says, ‘Don’t mess with me — I’ve got my armor on.’ But I want a woman to feel safe enough that she can be soft.”

“After I went through something where I was hurt, I had a therapist ask if I would try wearing a flowing garment. Sounds silly, but I assumed that pants and boots projected a ‘tougher’ look, a stronger me. But was I strong enough to be soft? At the time, no, I felt vulnerable.”

Jolie continued, saying, “Now I wonder if I don’t know what my style is because I’m still understanding who I am at 48. I guess I’m in transition as a person.”
She said, “I feel a bit down these days. I don’t feel like I’ve been myself for a decade, in a way, which I don’t want to get into.”

While she didn’t delve into intimate details of why she feels that way, she did say that “seven years ago” – which would have been in 2016, the year she left Pitt – she made the choice to do fewer movies and “only taking jobs that didn’t require long shoots.”
“We had a lot of healing to do,” she said of her family, comprised of the six children she shares with her ex-husband. “We’re still finding our footing.”
She credited Atelier Jolie for assisting in the healing process, explaining, “I think part of this has also been therapeutic for me – to work in a creative space with people you trust and to rediscover yourself. I’m hoping to change many aspects of my life. And this is the forward-facing one.”
At another point in the interview, Jolie spoke more about her children and the massive impact they’ve made on her life while also alluding to this difficult time she’s been facing.
“I was 26 when I became a mother,” she said. “My entire life changed. Having children saved me and taught me to be in this world differently. I think, recently, I would’ve gone under in a much darker way had I not wanted to live for them. They’re better than me because you want your children to be.”
“Of course, I’m the mother, and hopefully that safe place for them and that stability. But I’m also the one that they laugh at, and I see them taking over so many different aspects of our family.”
While Jolie typically doesn’t speak in detail about the breakdown of her marriage, certain accusations have been made public because of the lengthy court battle between her and Pitt.
Jolie first accused Pitt of physically abusing her and the couple’s children in a complaint filed in the ongoing lawsuit.
During a 2016 fight, Pitt allegedly “choked one of the children and struck another in the face” and “grabbed Jolie by the head and shook her.” He then poured “beer and red wine” on her and their six children. “Some of the children pleaded with Pitt to stop,” according to the documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.
Court documents stated, “They were all frightened. Many were crying.” Jolie filed for divorce shortly after the alleged altercation.
After being investigated by the FBI, a probable cause statement was provided to the U.S. attorney’s office.
“After reviewing the document, [a] representative of the United States Attorney’s Office discussed the merits of this investigation with the case agent,” the FBI report said. “It was agreed by all parties that criminal charges in this case would not be pursued due to several factors.”
A source familiar with the matter told Fox News Digital that the claims made by Jolie were false.
“She continues to rehash, revise and reimagine her description of an event that happened six years ago by adding completely untrue information each time she fails to get what she wants,” the source said.
The latest filing, which was done by Jolie’s former company, Nouvel, in July, accused Pitt of running a “vindictive campaign” to “loot” the business after she filed for divorce.
The two first became romantically involved in 2004, and they married in 2014. They share six children: Maddox, 22, Pax, 19, Zahara, 18, Shiloh, 17, and 15-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Opens Up About His Relationship With Ex-Wife Maria Shriver, Confirms “…Will Continue On Forever”

Arnold Schwarzenegger believes his story with Maria Shriver will continue “forever”. Here’s what he has to say about their relationship!
Arnold Schwarzenegger believes his story with Maria Shriver will continue “forever”.

The 76-year-old actor and Maria, 67, finalised their divorce back in 2021 – but Schwarzenegger insists that she’ll always be a big part of his life.
In his new motivational book, ‘Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life’, Schwarzenegger shares: “We never left the [first] chapter. Because remember, it’s not like we had a feud. We didn’t have a fight. It’s just my f*** up, right?

“She said, ‘Okay, this is what it is,’ and then she decided to make a split, so it was her decision. But the fact is, we always made it very clear that the kids should not suffer because of that.”
The Hollywood star and Maria split after it emerged that Schwarzenegger fathered a son with Mildred Baena, the family’s long-time housekeeper.

However, the former couple – who have Katherine, 33, Christina, 32, Patrick, 30, and Christopher, 26, together – have continued to spend a lot of time together since then.
Schwarzenegger said: “So everything is kind of just as if we’re together but we have separate lives. And she has her things, her relationship, I have mine, but we always communicate about the kids, about the holidays, about birthday parties and Mother’s Day parties and Christmas.

“My chapter with Maria will continue on forever. Even though it’s a different relationship, there’s no reason for me to feel anything other than love for her.”
The actor – who married Maria in 1986 – previously described their split as his biggest “biggest failure” in life.
He told Howard Stern: “That was, without any doubt, the biggest setback and the biggest failure. You can’t point the finger at anyone else.”

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